Your October Garden Guide – Presented by White House Nursery

October weaves a tapestry of rustling leaves, cooling temperatures, and the unmistakable aroma of fall. As we delve deeper into this autumnal embrace, our gardens beckon for some tender care in preparation for the chillier days ahead. The dedicated team at White House Nursery is here to share a handpicked list of tasks and suggestions to ensure your garden’s vigor and readiness for the coming winter. Without further ado, let’s explore!

  1. Leaf Cleanup:
    • Nature’s confetti, the falling leaves, can be both a boon and a challenge. They offer organic richness perfect for composting or mulching, but if left unattended, they might inhibit lawn growth and welcome pests.
    • Round up the leaves for compost or mulch, ensuring a nutrient-rich layer for your perennials.
  2. Plant Spring Bulbs:
    • Now’s the opportune moment to nestle in daffodils, tulips, crocuses, and other harbingers of spring. Make sure they’re planted at the appropriate depth, which is typically three times the bulb’s height.
    • Pick areas with efficient drainage to safeguard against bulb decay.
  3. Shield Vulnerable Plants:
    • For plants sensitive to the dropping temperatures, consider transitioning them indoors or to a protective greenhouse setting.
    • A generous mulch layer around semi-hardy plants can act as a defense against the early frosts.
  4. Lawn TLC:
    • Give your lawn its season’s final trim, but avoid cutting it too short. A bit of length ensures better resilience during the colder months.
    • This month is also ideal for lawn aeration, promoting soil health and better nutrient absorption.
  5. Harvest and Store:
    • If you’ve been nurturing vegetables, now is the moment to gather pumpkins, squashes, and other root delights.
    • To maximize their longevity, store in a cool, dimly lit area.
  6. Tool Care:
    • Show some love to your garden tools: clean, sharpen, and lubricate them before their winter hiatus. This ensures they remain in tip-top shape and ready for spring’s call.
  7. Prune Thoughtfully:
    • Tidy up perennials that have completed their cycle. Leaving some seed heads can serve as a winter aesthetic and a buffet for birds.
    • Avoid extensive pruning, but do away with any unhealthy branches from trees and shrubs.
  8. Plant Trees and Shrubs:
    • Autumn’s gentle climate is perfect for introducing new trees and shrubs, with its cooler conditions and sporadic rains fostering root growth.
  9. Pond Protection:
    • For those with garden ponds, contemplate using protective netting to keep the falling leaves at bay, preserving the aquatic balance.
    • Regularly monitor the water levels, adjusting as needed.
  10. Final Fertilizing Touch:
  • A modest spread of a balanced fertilizer can provide a boost, helping plants store energy for their restful period ahead.

Though gardens have their own unique personalities and needs, these overarching October guidelines are curated to offer a flourishing, winter-ready sanctuary. Enjoy your gardening endeavors, and always remember, White House Nursery stands ready to assist with all your garden-related queries and needs.