Most of the thousands of perennials we grow are for the spring planting season. In August we start rooting, dividing, and planting perennials to establish a strong root system. The greenhouse range we over winter them in has drop down sides and roof venting so they receive light, temperature, and wind to make the plants sturdy and ready to establish themselves quickly once planted outside. Perennials “wake up” at different times so some varieties are available earlier than others. Most of our perennials are in either a quart 4 ½” deep pot or a trade gallon pot.

Perennial categories include plants for shade or for sun, native plants, re-blooming, fragrant, vines, and perennial herbs. Take a look at our general list and see how many you know:

Perennials: achillea /yarrow, aegopodium/ Dutchman’s breeches, agastache, ajuga, alcea /hollyhock, anemone /windflower, armeria /thrift, artemesia, aruncus /goatsbeard, aster, aubreita /rock cress, bellis /English Daisy, berginia, buddleia /butterflybush, calamintha, callirhoe, chrysogonum, campanula, caryopteris, catananche /cupids dart, centaurea /bachelors button, cerastium /snow in summer, ceratostigma /plumbago, chrysanthemum /Shasta daisy, clematis vine, columbine, coreopsis /tick seed, daylily, delosperma /ice plant, delphinium, dianthus, dicentra /bleeding heart, digitalis /foxglove, doronicum /leopards bane, eragrostis /wind dancer, gallardia /blanket flower, gallium /sweet woodrift, geum, gypsophelia /babies breath, helianthemum, heliopsis /hardy sunflower, heuchera /coral bells, hosta, houttuynia /chameleon plant, hypernicum /St Johns wort, iberis /candytuft, kniphofia /red hot poker plant, lamiastrum, lamium, linum /flax, lithodora, lonicera /honeysuckle vine, lychnis, lysimachia, lobelia /cardinal flower, lupine, monarda /Bee balm, nepeta /catnip, paeonia /peony, papaver /poppy, phlox, platycodon, polemonium /Jacobs ladder, prunella, pyrethrum /painted daisy, rudbeckia /black eyed susan, rumex /sorrel, sagina /Irish moss, salvia, saxifrage, scabiosa /pincushion flower, sedum, sempervivum /hens & chicks, silene, sisyrinchum, stachys /lambs ears, tradescantia /spiderwart, tiarella /foamflower trifolium, verbascum, verbena, veronica.

Perennial herbs: lavender, lemon verbena, mint, oregano, rosemary, sage, tarragon, thyme