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It’s Time To Plant Spring Flowering Bulbs!

Creating a 100-day burst of color with spring flowering bulbs in Upperco, MD, thanks to White House Nursery, is not only possible but also a spectacular way to celebrate the changing seasons. This article will guide you through selecting the right bulb types, provide planting tips specific to Upperco’s climate, and offer creative color combination […]

September Gardening Tips

September’s transitional charm serves as both a reflection on summer’s bounty and an anticipation of autumn’s splendor. To assist green thumbs in making the most of this pivotal month, White House Nursery offers a bouquet of tips, accentuating the seasonal marvels of mums, celosia, and ornamental delights like peppers, cabbage, and kale. 1. Ready for […]

Seasons in Transition: Your Guide to Bringing Plants Indoors with White House Nursery

Hello to our wonderful White House Nursery community! As the balmy days of summer begin their retreat, making way for the cool embrace of autumn, many of us ponder over the shift of our beloved outdoor plants to the cozy indoors. If this transition feels daunting or you’re unsure where to start, take a deep […]

Night’s Serenade: Crafting a Luminous Moon Garden

There’s an ineffable beauty in gardens that shimmer and shine under the moon’s gentle glow. This magical niche, christened as a moon garden, is an ensemble of blooms and leaves that play with the night, either by glowing, opening, or releasing their fragrances. These gardens become nocturnal oases for soulful, quiet moments. White House Nursery, […]

Green Beginnings: Fostering Young Gardeners this August

In our increasingly digital landscape, pulling children closer to the verdant heartbeat of nature offers them a treasured break and a connection to life’s foundational joys. Gardening emerges as a vibrant tapestry of hands-on discovery, imaginative play, and a deep dive into nature’s endless wonders. As August unveils its sun-kissed days, it’s the ideal window […]

Cultivating Garden Excellence with Deadheading: An Insight from White House Nursery

Gardening is a journey of discovery and enjoyment, an endeavor that suits everyone from the seasoned horticulturist to the budding green thumb. A key gardening practice that significantly affects your plants’ health and growth is deadheading, a technique that includes both pruning and pinching spent blossoms. The approachable and knowledgeable staff at White House Nursery […]

Demystifying Garden Fertilizers: NPK, Organic Options, and Application Tips

A thriving garden begins with healthy soil, and using the right fertilizer is essential for nourishing your plants, trees, and shrubs. With so many options on the market, it can be overwhelming to determine which fertilizer is best for your garden. In this blog post, we’ll explore the basics of garden fertilizers, including understanding the […]

Kitchen Gardens 3 Ways

Creating a Versatile Kitchen Garden: Garden Beds, Raised Beds, and Containers. Introduction A kitchen garden is a fantastic way to grow your own fresh, delicious vegetables, herbs, and berries right in your backyard. With various gardening methods available, such as garden beds, raised beds, and containers, you can easily find the perfect approach to suit […]

Pruning and Fertilizing Hydrangea macrophylla for Stunning Blooms

Introduction Hydrangea macrophylla, commonly known as bigleaf hydrangea, is a popular garden staple beloved for its large, showy blooms that grace gardens from late spring through summer. To keep your hydrangeas healthy and thriving, it’s essential to understand when and how to prune them, as well as the optimal times and methods for fertilizing. In […]