Many churches throughout Baltimore and surrounding areas have us deliver Easter flowers to decorate their church, while local churches often pick up their flowers at the nursery. We work well with churches and understand some of the special considerations they have, after all, we attend church, too. If you want a fragrant Easter, “…consider the lilies…”

Contact us for the current prices, order deadlines, and delivery information. Easter crops are difficult to grow, but we’ve had over 45 years experience! You realize Easter is on a different date each year. What that means to a grower is that each crop has a time / growing schedule that needs to be reworked each year. We need to accommodate not only the calendar date change but also the temperature & daylight exposure changes that go along with the date changes. We start planting Easter crops in October, keep them protected through the winter’s harsh weather, and “trick” the blooms to open for Easter celebrations.