September Gardening Tips

September’s transitional charm serves as both a reflection on summer’s bounty and an anticipation of autumn’s splendor. To assist green thumbs in making the most of this pivotal month, White House Nursery offers a bouquet of tips, accentuating the seasonal marvels of mums, celosia, and ornamental delights like peppers, cabbage, and kale.

1. Ready for the Frost:

Be vigilant as the first frost might be around the corner. Stay updated with local weather alerts, and be prepared to shield fragile plants on cooler nights or transport potted varieties into the warmth of indoors.

2. Relish the Last Summer Harvest:

As you gather the end-of-season produce, spare a moment to appreciate the fading summer magic. It’s also an ideal time to think about your autumn harvest, featuring colorful ornamental peppers among others.

3. Embrace Autumn’s Color Palette:

September is when the vibrant hues of mums and celosia truly shine. Consider adding these to your garden for a burst of color. Their rich tones will serve as an autumnal centerpiece, drawing admiration from every onlooker.

4. Planting Ornamentals:

Ornamental cabbages and kales are not only a visual treat but also resistant to the cooler temperatures. Planting them now ensures a garden that’s alive with varied textures and colors through the chillier days ahead.

5. Lawn Care Excellence:

Now’s the moment to aerate and possibly overseed your lawn, ensuring it remains lush and verdant. This care ensures the grassroots access essential nutrients, paving the way for a thick carpet of green.


6. Composting Wonders:

As you tidy up garden beds and remove summer’s remnants, think of beginning or enhancing a compost pile. By spring, this pile will transform into a nutrient-rich addition for your garden’s soil.

7. Spring Bulb Planning:

While autumn’s ornamentals take center stage, remember to plant bulbs that’ll be next spring’s stars. Their winter hibernation will culminate in a grand springtime spectacle.

8. Mulching Mastery:

Post-refresh, bestow your garden beds with mulch. Beyond retaining moisture and deterring weeds, mulch accentuates the beauty of ornamental peppers, cabbage, and kale, framing them in a neat and tidy manner.

9. Tool TLC:

Your gardening tools have served you well through the warmer months. Clean them, sharpen where necessary, and store them well, ensuring they’re in top condition for the seasons ahead.

10. Keep Hydrating:

Beyond mums and celosias, all plants, especially trees and shrubs, need consistent watering. As they gear up for winter dormancy, ensuring they’re well-hydrated can significantly benefit their health.

September, with its blend of endings and beginnings, presents a unique canvas for gardeners. With insights from White House Nursery and a focus on seasonal stars like mums, celosia, and ornamental vegetables, every garden can resonate with nature’s ever-evolving beauty. Happy gardening!